GGC strives to operate in tandem with creating shared values with the society and communities to preserve the balance in business conduct, comprehensively respond to stakeholder expectations, and improve quality of life, economy, society and environment. In doing so, we uphold the principle of social engagement and demonstrate social responsibility through CSR projects and activities in collaboration with stakeholders on a continuous basis in order to grow with stability and sustainability.


Community satisfaction score of
84 percent
No complaints
from communities regarding GGC’s operations
Conduct CSR projects in
25 communities

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Strategy

GGC has formulated strategies to manage social responsibility. It considers compliance with internationally recognized sustainability guidelines, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), as well as GGC’s business direction and growth.

There are three main components under the “3 Big Moves Strategy”, as seen below.

Expanding recognition of the CSR operations and to broad stakeholder
Expanding the ability to operate the CSR, to solve social problems or meet the expectation through business processes
Building trust and satisfaction in CSR Operation to all stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Strategy)

GGC takes part in creating shared values to enable communities and the society to grow alongside the company. We also develop the economy, quality of life and environment of surrounding communities through collaborative projects and activities with stakeholders. In 2022, GGC engaged in solving problems and responded to the needs of the society through business processes in line with the company’s CSR and sustainable development strategies. Outstanding projects include:/p>

Green Health Project

Under the strategy of operating social responsibility in 3 areas, which consists of expanding awareness in operations, expandingsocial responsibility, and creating confidence and satisfaction in operating with social responsibility,

GGC has prepared innovative products tohelp drivetheco-creationof business between GGC and thecommunity,as wellas promotinghygieneand caring for the community and the environment

In 2022, GGC has continued to work with the Luffala Community Enterprise, Nong Fab Community, where GGC has developed a formula for hand-washing soap for Luffala Enterprises to produce and distribute. GGC also provided additional knowledgeonsuch products and encourages thecommunityto producehand wash foam and hand cream. GGC, through such products in the Green Health project, has helped society. In addition, GGC hasoperated theSEProject to promote theKohKokcommunity, whichisthe developmentand production of personal hygiene product formulations using glycerin, which is one of GGC’s main products, mixtures in conjunction with raw materials from the community.

In 2022, GGC communicated and created awareness externally.This represents aPRvalueof morethan30 millionTHB. GGC hasalso builta businessnetworkand built confidence with stakeholders. This is beneficial to GGC, community and society.

Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement in Thailand (SCPOPP)

GGC has carried out Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement in Thailand (SCPOPP)

in collaboration with German international cooperation organization, or Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), to promote and develop the capacity of 500 small palm oil farmers to obtain the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification by 2024. This produces sustainable market opportunities for Thai palm oil to enter the global market as well as create sustainable shared values.

Care the Wild “Plant & Protect” Protect

GGC participated in reforestation under the Care the Wild project “Plant & Protect” project, a project that creates cooperation between the private and public sectors as a mechanism to raise funds for planting new trees, planting extra trees, and promoting tree care.

This project focuses on taking care of the trees that have been planted and helping them grow into real forests under the concept of “protection”.The fundraisers and donors can stay updated on the results of the forest planting through the Care the Wild application, learn about the growth of the trees, as well as community work. Participation in maximizing the results for community development and taking care of the plants to grow are important parts of the country’s forest expansion.

In this regard, the project creates knowledge and understanding about reforestation, the environment, and community development. In addition, the project directly responds to GGC’s goals in offsetting carbon emissions.

Investments and Donating for Society in 2022

Support for Social Responsibility Projects in 2022

Community Satisfaction Survey

As a result of our continuous CSR efforts, there were no complaints regarding company operations from communities in 2022. Moreover, community satisfaction score was higher than the established target and in line with GGC’s CSR strategy.