Challenges and Commitments

GGC is aware that the industrial sector consumes more energy than other business sectors. Both the acquisition and consumption of energy may affect the environment and health. Furthermore, they contribute to climate change. Therefore, the Company is determined to solve this problem at the root cause by efficiently using energy to reduce impact on the environment and society throughout our value chain.

Key Stakeholders

Shareholder, Investor and Analyst
Supplier and Business Partner


Limit energy consumption to not exceed
megawatt-hours per ton of production in 2021.

Management Approach

Energy Efficiency Management

The Company has modified its operational plan to focus on creating efficiency in all production processes to reduce the use of resources and energy, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from the production process. The Company received the ISO 50001 energy management system certification. Furthermore, the Company has efficiently improved and controlled the energy consumption system in every process in strict compliance with standards, laws, and requirements.

For more details about energy management projects in 2023, see the 2023 Integrated Sustainability Report at Integrated Sustainability Report 2023

  • Fatty Alcohol Distillery Tower Energy Saving Project Applying Process Innovation can reduce the use of steam in the distillation tower. This further reduces the energy needed to generate the heat required to generate steam.
  • Optimize Steam project at the Ejector System by using the Steam Ejector to create a vacuum in the production process to reduce the amount of steam energy and energy to produce steam, which also helps reduce costs.

As a result of our commitment to energy efficiency management, along with initiating and implementing energy conservation projects continuously, the Company has increased the ability to reduce energy consumption according to the set goals.

For more details about the performance of reducing accumulated energy consumption and total energy consumption, see Performance Data