Energy Management Operational Guidelines

All of GGC’s factories have received the ISO 50001 energy management system certification. In addition, GGC has improved and controlled energy efficiency in every process by strictly complying with the relevant standards, laws, and requirements. In addition,

GGC has taken action to conserve and manage energy under various projects, such as:

Project to Reduce the Use of Steam in the Methanol Purification Process

GGC implemented a project to reduce the use of steam in the methanol purification process, by changing the filter in the distillation tower from a spherical tray that is installed in layers to a cylindrical structure packing similar to a filter. This reduces the amount of steam usage and reflux of the methanol purification column also can reduce the steam energy consumption by 1.30 tonnes per hour.

million THB
kWh per year
Reduction of energy consumption
tons CO2 equivalent per year
Reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions
Million THB per year
Reduce spending

From GGC’s commitment to efficient energy management and to continually initiate and implement energy conservation projects, the company has successfully increased its ability to reduce energy consumption according to the set targets.

Accumulated Energy Reduction

Energy Consumption Intensity (MWh/ ton of production)
Reduced Energy Consumption (percent)