Sustainable Water Management Guidelines

GGC has guidelines for water resource management in place within the organization, according to the 3Rs principle of reduce, reuse, and recycle wastewater through the treatment process.

Reducing water Consumption by3Rs

In addition, GGC cooperates with external agencies, such as PTT Group, Water War Room Working Group and the Federation of Thai Industries, on water management during situations of drought and closely monitor the water situation. This ensures that there is enough water to run the business without affecting the surrounding communities in these situations.

In 2020, GGC has implemented a variety of water management projects. The most outstanding project from 2020 is the Cooling Tower Water Circulation Project.

Cooling Tower Water Circulation Project

GGC increases its efficiency in reusing wastewater that has undergone treatment processes by increasing the water circulation cycle used in the cooling tower from three cycles to five cycles and reducing the backwash time from 15 minutes in 5 hours to 10 minutes in 4 hours. As a result, GGC is able to reduce water usage by 23,917 cubic meters and reduce costs by more than 598,164 THB.

From the determination to manage water effectively, as well as continuously implementing water management projects, GGC is able to reduce water usage according to the goals set.
Water Consumption 2017 2018 2019 2020 Target 2020
Cubic meters per tonne of product 0.71 0.49 0.59 0.57 0.57
Cubic meters 223,931 219,225 231,993 208,706 208,794