Challenges and Commitment

Employees are an important resource in driving GGC towards achieving sustainable business goals. Recruiting the right employees, developing employee potential, and equal and fair treatment of employees are very important factors that can strengthen the Company’s competitiveness in the midst of rapidly changing economic conditions and drive the Company towards sustainable growth. This is a major challenge for GGC. In the past, the Company focused on developing knowledge, skills and capabilities of employees, in line with the Company's strategic business plan, as well as provide equal support for career advancement and promote good quality of life for employees and their families so that employees are engaged and ready to grow sustainably with the organization.

Key Stakeholders

Shareholder, Investor and Analyst
Supplier and Business Partner


Employee engagement at
46 percent
Investment in employee training of
4.77 million THB
Total of
employee training hours
Average number of training hours of
6 hours/person
Average amount of investment in employee training of
19,700 baht/person
of employees and executives to hold important positions in the Company and respond to the Company's growth strategy.

Management Approach

Employee Management

GGC supervises employees fairly in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations.

In addition, the Company has prepared a Capability Building Strategy covering from determining the workforce in accordance with the 3-5 year business strategy plans to recruiting competent and suitable employees for the position and employee potential development, and retaining high potential employees to be able to support business operations and prepare for future business expansion of the Company.

Capability Building Strategy


The Company focuses on recruiting high potential employees through various channels, such as the Company's website, job recruitment websites, social media, recruitment agencies, and the Employee Referral Program.

Developing Employee Competence

The Company aims to develop employees at all levels by promoting skills and knowledge that are aligned with job positions through various channels and projects to increase work efficiency, such as the TPM project, starting with operation employees. The Company plans to extend the project to all employees. The Company also focuses on Upskill and Reskill projects through the GREEN E-Learning system, which is a Learning Management System that contains courses to develop Functional Skills, Soft Skills, and Leadership Skills.

Retaining and Engaging Employees

The Company aims to create employee engagement to retain talented employees to grow with the organization.

For more details about the project for employees, see the 2022 Integrated Sustainability Report at Integrated Sustainability Report 2022

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Project to increase the skills and expertise of the operations staff.
  • Green Learning Management System (LMS) Project to encourage employees to learn and develop new skills necessary for work (Upskill) and improve existing skills (Reskill) by learning through GREEN, the Company's E-Learning Platform.
  • WFH (Working-from-home arrangements) and Mobile Office Project to balance work and personal life. This Includes providing IT equipment for employees to use when working in residential areas as necessary and suitable for the nature of work of each employee.
  • Project to Increase Welfare for Single Employees to provide medical expenses for single employees’ parents.
  • Build Leaders for Change Project to help solve the problem of employee burnout.

Recruiting and Hiring

In addition to developing the ability of employees (Upskill/Reskill) to keep up with changes, the Company has prepared a recruitment plan to attract Top Talent in order to cater to the business growth plan, as well as prepare to create successors in preparation for the retirement and growth of the Company.

For more details about New Employee Hires Performance, see Performance Data

Type of Performance Appraisal

GGC has set efficient appraisal criteria of employee performance under the same standards, based on the scoring criteria of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as well as encompass an integrated framework for Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct to ensure the evaluation proceeds in the same direction. This is also used as a communication channel and for receiving Feedback between employees within the team, between teams, and between departments within the organization, in order to achieve the organization's goals. In 2022, the Company has conducted performance appraisals in various forms as follows:

Type of Performance Appraisal Details
Management by objectives GGC requires employees to set operational goals in accordance with each level and line of work together with their supervisors annually. All employees can participate in setting their own scoring criteria for each goal. The supervisor's assessment will be based on established criteria under a jointly defined timeframe.
Multidimensional performance appraisal GGC has set the evaluation of employees from supervisors in each line of work, colleagues, and subordinates annually. This is considered a comprehensive assessment. The results of the evaluation can be fully used to develop the employee's performance.
Team-based appraisal GGC has arranged for the assessment of the performance of personal safety of each team under the organization's internal departments, on a quarterly basis, to foster a culture of personal safety for employees within the team. The Company also instills each employee in the team to help observe their own and other’s operating behavior within the team, as well as check the working conditions of various tools used in operations, so that all employees can identify both safety and occupational health risks related to their own work and that of others within the team. The evaluation criteria are based on the number of accidents/disasters. This is also a part of the Corporate KPI. In the past year, the number of accidents from personal operations amounted to zero.
Agile conversations GGC encourages employees and supervisors in every line of work to have real-time discussions on operational matters, performance, employee’s skill improvement program as well as planning future operations and factors that have a positive and negative effect on the employee’s KPIs and targets. However, the content of the discussion differs for each line of work. These discussions are held quarterly to increase the achievements in the growth of individual employees, help develop the operational potential of the team in each line of work, as well as help drive the organization's business operations to success.

Human Capital Development

The Company has continuously implemented human capital development projects. The objective is to increase the overall performance of employees, as well as to provide employees with work stability and commitment to the Company, through various employee development programs for employees of all levels from executive to operations.

Type Percent Average Training Hours (hours/person/year) Average Training Expenses (THB/person/year)
Technical 28.36 15.97 4,740
Leadership 36.23 15.29 52,031
Occupational health and safety 28.09 11.37 2,921
Business support and expansion 7.33 14.45 11,850

For more details about Employee Development Performance, see Performance Data

Employee Well-being GRI 403-6 (2018)

GGC continually emphasizes improving the quality of life of employees and their families by giving compensation, provident funds, welfare, and benefits that thoroughly meet the needs of employees to create employee satisfaction in both work and personal life, as well as increase engagement with the Company, which will lead to work efficiency.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

GGC has implemented the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) along with the annual health check-up for employees, as well as supervised employees to receive appropriate treatment to help reduce health risks. In addition, the Company, together with the GC Group, has arranged for a team of experts from external agencies for employees to talk to and seek advice from when they face various problems from work and personal problems through phone or a mobile application 24 hours a day. Employees can also make an appointment in advance for private consultations.

For more information about various projects to promote the health and occupational health of employees, see Occupational Health And Safety

In addition, GGC has appointed a Welfare Committee to receive comments, suggestions, or complaints from employees. Members of the Welfare Committee are recruited from a pool of volunteer employees. 100% of employees in the Company have the right to nominate and serve as representatives in the selection of the Welfare Committee members. In 2021, the Welfare Committee has a total of 7 members and has a 2-year term of office. The committee is tasked with discussing problems/suggestions, formulating solutions, and monitoring progress and performance to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equally. The Committee holds a formal meeting every quarter, according to the Labor Protection Act, B.E. 2541.

In addition, GGC has a whistle blowing system to receive complaints from employees through various communication channels, such as email, Whistleblower channels, and a fact-checking system to respond to and correct these complaints in order to address issues related to unfair practices. The Company also specifies various benefits to meet the needs of employees, such as welfare and employee benefits, as follows:

The Company grants paid parental leave for the primary caregiver for female employees of no more than 98 days and provides Breast-feeding/Lactation Benefits in the headquarters area (EnCo) to support employees who have recently had a child so that employees can continue breastfeeding while on the job.

The Company provides paid parental leave for the non-primary caregiver for male employees who have recently had a child, with a maximum leave of 3 days in order to be able to take care of their families and wives who have recently given birth.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company has implemented the Flexible Hours policy and a Working from Home policy to reduce the risk of infection among employees.

In addition, the Company has an projects related to Sports & health initiatives by providing welfare related to fitness to promote playing sports and health activities for employees, such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, etc. to encourage employees to improve the health and well-being

GGC has employee welfare and benefits of Paid family or care leave beyond parental leave indicating in employee working regulations under the scope of type of leave. GGC offers Up to 6 days of Paid family or care leave beyond parental leave annually.

GGC provides Childcare facilities and contribution to accommodate and support employees who recently have a child as well as providing welfare for tuition fees for employees' children in each academic year.

GGC organized a mental health hotline for employees and families, manned by specialists, for Workplace stress management and daily life. The hotline provides advice via telephone and video calls through the LIGHTPOST application as part of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

GGC provides Medical Welfare to employees and their families by granting the right to reimburse medical expenses under the amount specified by the Company, up to 35 times per policy year. The Company also provides other Medical Welfare for employees and their families, such as Dental, Maternity, vaccination for children under 12 years old, etc.

Employee Engagement

GGC conducts Employee Engagement Surveys annually. The survey results were used to improve and develop the Company's operations in order to meet the needs of employees and enhance employee engagement with the organization, to create happiness in work and their status as employees of the Company, as well as to develop the Company to be an organization that employees want to work with. In 2022, the Company has improved the questionnaire used in employee engagement surveys to make the analysis more accurate and efficient. The questionnaire can be divided into 4 main topics: Job satisfaction, Purpose, Happiness, and Work-related Stress.

Sample engagement survey questions in each topics

Job satisfaction Purpose Happiness Work-related Stress
I am proud to be part of this organization My job is a good fit for my abilities and experience I truly enjoy my day-to-day work tasks My work-related stress is manageable for me
At work, my opinions and ideas seem to count My future career opportunities here look good This Organization has a work environment that is open and accepts individual differences When faced with a crisis or tight deadline, my colleagues work well together to resolve this situation

For more details about the Results of Employee Engagement Survey, see Performance Data

Diversity and Inclusion

GGC has firmed commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at all levels. In addition, GGC has in place zero-tolerance policies against all kinds of harassment (sexual and non-sexual) and discrimination. Any forms of allegations are taken seriously and handled confidentially and sympathetically according to defined escalation process for reporting incidents as documented in GGC Whistle Blowing Policy . If allegations are confirmed, remedial action, disciplinary action, dismissal, or legal action will be taken. All employees are required to undergo trainings on discrimination and harassment in the workplace as part of Code of Conduct training since orientation and refresh training.

For more information on number of incidents of discrimination and harassment and corrective actions, please visit Performance Data